Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teaching Tool: Book of Mormon Timeline

This is a link to a great Book of Mormon timeline
put together by missionary mom Laura.
I copied it onto a 2 page Word Document
 - 3 columns -
using a much smaller font
and then laminated it back to back so that it was one page.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Teaching Tool: Book of Mormon Timeline

Here are some links to timelines for the Book of Mormon.  It helps in your studies to be able to see what is happening, to whom, and when it is occurring.
*Many of these, and new versions, can be ordered online from

This is a basic, no visuals, timeline.
1 Nephi through Mosiah

Alma through Mormon and Moroni

Friday, September 27, 2013

Missionary Help

This list from The New Era is full of ideas
to help your missionary get through a rough patch! 
They need to know that everyone hits a rough day,
a rough week, a rough month, a rough transfer, etc. 
It's not the end of the world. 
You can do anything short-term and most of the rough stuff is just that - short-term!  Transfers come, companionships change,
members get new callings, and life happens. 
Here's a great list to help them pull through those difficult times. 
You can go to the original here.

Rough Day?

We all have those hard days or times in our lives that discourage us and make us want to give up. A positive attitude is a must during those times, so here are some suggestions from New Era readers to help you be hopeful, even when things might be going badly:
  • Use challenging times to learn to rely on the Lord and grow closer to Him. When we are patient and endure our trials well, we become more like the Savior.
  • Serve. Focus on others and their needs instead of your own to get your mind off your problems.
  • Be grateful. Dwell on the positive instead of the negative.
  • Stop worrying about it. Do all you can do to resolve your challenges and then lay your problems at the Lord’s feet. Have faith that He will bless you with the righteous desires of your heart.
  • Seek forgiveness. Repentance can bring great peace when we have made wrong choices and need to return to Heavenly Father.
  • Talk to a friend or, better yet, counsel with your Heavenly Father. Pray.
  • Do something active. Shake those doldrums loose with some exercise or sport.
  • Read the scriptures; they are full of the gospel message of hope.
  • Do something you enjoy. Draw, run, write poetry, or whatever it is you like to do.
  • Ask for help. Your parents, family, and Church leaders want you to be happy.
  • Write a letter of encouragement to a missionary or to someone who might need cheering up more than you do.
  • Develop an attitude of happiness. Remember our attitudes are the results of our choices. You can choose to be happy even if your circumstances aren’t the best.
  • Don’t be so serious. Laughter really is the best medicine, and it cheers those around you as well.
  • Don’t give up. Know that Heavenly Father has a plan for you and, if you seek His will, things will turn out all right eventually.
  • Remember you are never alone. Christ has felt every heartache and pain that we might ever feel, so He knows how to help us. Rely on the Lord.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teaching Tool: The Plan of Salvation

This is another great resource for our missionaries.
I printed off one in English and another in the language that my missionary is speaking and teaching.  Then, I glued them back to back with a piece of cardstock in the middle.  After that, I laminated it for long term use!
However, you can cut out the pieces if you wish and use them separately.
Go here for more of her awesome ideas.
Thank you Allison for sharing your talents and testimony with so many!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teaching Tool: The Plan of Salvation

Teaching the Plan of Salvation
Visual aids are so helpful to missionaries as they are teaching.
I'll be linking to a lot of different visual aids/images that you can
cut out, color, laminate, etc. for your missionary.
Include one in your letter or package once in a while -
they'll be so grateful!
Visual Aid Helps:
note: I printed this, colored each piece, glued each piece to the appropriate place, and then laminated the entire page.  I didn't want extra pieces that could be lost or floating around in a bag, etc.
note: This does not print out with the words.  You'll have to write them in.  Or, you can use Word to print them off, glue them to the correct place, and then laminate.
I tried to just right-click and copy the image, but the scriptures are blurry.
note: These are separate pieces.  Make sure to include the diagram as well as the separate pieces.  Print this on heavier paper so that the pieces will hold up well. 
I also cut out the heading at the top and laminated that piece.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missionary Ideas

This blog is a place to share ALL LDS Missionary Ideas!
There will be links to articles, other blogs, package ideas, how to help your missionary, and other information to help spread the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Please feel free to add your ideas as well!
Missionary Mom